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Destruction and Creation Source List


  1. Beveridge, W. I. B., The Art of Scientific Investigation Vintage Books, Third Edition 1957
  2. Boyd, John R., “Destruction and Creation,” 23 Mar 1976
  3. Brown, G. Spencer, Laws of Form, Julian Press, Inc. 1972
  4. Conant, James Bryant, Two Modes of Thought, Credo Perspectives, Simon and Schuster 1970
  5. DeBono, Edward, New Think, Avon Books 1971
  6. DeBono, Edward, Lateral Thinking: Creativity Step by Step, Harper Colophon Books 1973
  7. Foster, David, The Intelligent Universe, Putnam, 1975
  8. Fromm, Erich, The Crisis of Psychoanalysis, Fawcett Premier Books 1971
  9. Gamow, George, Thirty Years That Shook Physics, Anchor Books 1966
  10. Gardner, Howard, The Quest for Mind, Vintage Books 1974
  11. Georgescu-Roegen, Nicholas, The Entropy Law and the Economic Process, Harvard U. Press 1971
  12. Gödel, Kurt, “On Formally Undecidable Propositions of the Principia Mathematica and Related Systems,” pages 3-38, The Undecidable, Raven Press 1965
  13. Heilbroner, Robert L., An Inquiry into the Human Prospect, Norton and Co. 1974
  14. Heisenberg, Werner, Physics and Philosophy, Harper Torchbooks 1962
  15. Heisenberg, Werner, Across the Frontiers, World Perspectives, Harper and Row 1974
  16. Hoyle, Fred, Encounter with the Future, Credo Perspectives, Simon and Schuster 1968
  17. Hoyle, Fred, The New Face of Science, Perspectives in Humanism, World Publishing Co. 1971
  18. Kramer, Edna E., The Nature and Growth of Modern Mathematics, Fawcett Permier Books 1974
  19. Kuhn, Thomas S., The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, University of Chicago Press 1970
  20. Layzer, David, The Arrow of Time, Scientific American, December 1975
  21. Levinson, Harry, The Exceptional Executive, Mentor Books 1971
  22. Maltz, Maxwell, Psycho-Cybernetics, Wilshire Book Co. 1971
  23. Nagel, Ernest and Newman, James R., Gödel’s Proof, New York U. Press 1958
  24. Osborne, Alex F., Applied Imagination, Scribners and Sons 1963
  25. Pearce, Joseph Chilton, The Crack in the Cosmic Egg, Pocket Book 1975
  26. Pearce, Joseph Chilton, Exploring the Crack in the Cosmic Egg, Pocket Book 1975
  27. Piaget, Jean, Structuralism, Harper Torchbooks 1971
  28. Polanyi, Michael, Knowing and Being, University of Chicago Press 1969
  29. Singh, Jagjit, Great Ideas of Modern Mathematics: Their Nature and Use, Dover 1959
  30. Skinner, B.F., Beyond Freedom and Dignity, Bantom/Vintage Books 1972
  31. Thompson, William Irwin, At the Edge of History, Harper Colophon Books 1972
  32. Thompson, William Irwin, Evil and World Order, World Perspective, Harper and Row 1976
  33. Tse-Tung, Mao, Four Essays on China and World Communism, Lancer Books 1972
  34. Waismann, Friedrich, Introduction to Mathematical Thinking, Harper Torchbooks 1959
  35. Watts, Alan, The Book, Vintage Books 1972
  36. Yukawa, Hideki, Creativity and Intuition, Kodansha International LTD 1973


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